Garbage Disposal Repair

Professional And Reliable Garbage Disposal Repair Denver Colorado

Garbage disposals are the key to any modern kitchen. It combines the utility of a trash can with the ease of a sink. Plus, it ensures hygiene and odor control.

However, like with any other machinery, garbage disposals can break down periodically and require garbage disposal repair Denver. The right professional or an expert technician such as the ones from Einstein Plumbing Denver may prevent the need for a complete garbage disposal replacement Denver by fixing your unit.

However, there are many amateur contractors in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Broomfield, Boulder and surrounding areas that would botch up a garbage disposal repair job so badly that you would see yourself looking at a replacement.

Choose Only the Best For garbage disposal repair Denver

It is important that you choose only true professionals to take care of your precious garbage disposal system. We are specialists in garbage disposal installation Denver and offer garbage disposal repair service as well. Einstein Plumbing Denver is a household name where disposal units are concerned in Aurora, Lakewood, Thornton, Westminster, Centennial, Parker, Arvada and other areas.

This is because we are straightforward, offer upfront pricing, never go beyond the estimated budget and are just good at what we do. We have years of experience in dealing with garbage disposal units and other plumbing related systems. We have deep knowledge of how these units work and have hands-down experience in working with various makes and models.

Also, all technicians at Einstein Plumbing Denver undergo regular training to stay abreast of any industry advancements. All these factors make us one of the best repair persons in Denver.

How to prevent a garbage disposal replacement or repair?

There are a number of precautions you can take that can extend the life of your system and prevent the need for a garbage disposal replacement. Moderation is the secret to avoiding a clogged garbage disposal.

You should never have any issue with your unit as long as the food waste is sent down the unit in reasonable quantities. Never burden your system at one time. It is best to limit scraps to one handful each time.

There are also some food items that should never find their way into your garbage disposal unit. These include banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells and corn husks. Watch out for excess oil and grease as well. These tend to clog the pipes since fat hardens as it cools. It is best to wash your pots and pans in warm water and allow the water to run for a few seconds more after you are finished cleaning to make sure that the drain is clear.

Should you repair or replace your unit?

Generally, units that are less than 10 years old are repaired and not replaced if the damage is limited. However, if damage is extensive and the garbage system continues giving trouble, then our technicians would recommend replacing the unit. It’s paramount that you have a professional come and have a look at your system at the first sign of trouble.

While there are many DIY garbage repair jobs that you can undertake, it is best to have a true expert take a look at the overall system to ensure that everything is working the way it is supposed to. You should have your garbage disposal unit checked out when you find that:

  • Water is leaking from your unit
  • Odors linger despite cleaning
  • Frequent resets are required
  • Unusual sounds can be heard while unit is running

Give Einstein Plumbing Denver a call when you find these issues to have experts come and take a look at your unit.